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Used Auto Parts

Happy Car Garage is our little way of ensuring our Happy Cars Family have somewhere to go for help in maintaining their vehicles.  If you need help locating parts you can contact us. We have an array of used parts for sale and outlets to help guide you in the right direction.



  • 1Car body and main part

o    1.1Body components, including trim

o    1.2Doors

o    1.3Windows

  • 2Low voltage/auxiliary electrical system and electronics

o    2.1Audio/video devices

o    2.2Cameras

o    2.3Low voltage electrical supply system

o    2.4Gauges and meters

o    2.5Ignition system

o    2.6Lighting and signaling system

o    2.7Sensors

o    2.8Starting system

o    2.9Electrical switches

o    2.10Wiring harnesses

o    2.11Miscellaneous

o    3.1Floor components and parts

o    3.2Other components

o    3.3Car seat

o    4.1Braking system

o    4.2Electrified powertrain components

o    4.3Engine components and parts

o    4.4Engine cooling system

o    4.5Engine oil systems

o    4.6Exhaust system

o    4.7Fuel supply system

o    4.8Suspension and steering systems

o    4.9Transmission system

  • 5Miscellaneous auto parts

o    5.1Air conditioning system (A/C)

o    5.2Bearings

o    5.3Hose

o    5.4Other miscellaneous parts


Car body and main part

Body components, including trim

·         Bonnet/hood

o    Bonnet/hood

·         Bumper

o    Unexposed bumper

o    Exposed Bumper

·         Cowl screen

·         Decklid

·         Fascia rear and support

·         Fender (wing or mudguard)

·         Front clip

·         Front fascia and header panel

·         Grille (also called grill)

·         Pillar and hard trim

·         Quarter panel

·         Radiator core support

·         Rocker

·         Roof rack

·         Spoiler

o    Front spoiler (air dam)

o    Rear spoiler (wing)

·         Rims

o    Hubcap

o    Tire/Tyre

·         Trim package

·         Trunk/boot/hatch

o    Trunk/boot latch

·         Valance

·         Welded assembly


·         Anti-intrusion bar

·         Outer door handle

·         Inner door handle

·         Window motor

·         Door control module

·         Door seal

·         Door water-shield

·         Hinge

·         Door latch

·         Door lock and power door locks

·         Central-locking

·         Fuel tank (or fuel filler) door


·         Glass

·         Sunroof

o    Sunroof motor

·         Sunroof Rail

·         Sunroof Glass

·         Window motor

·         Window regulator

·         Windshield (also called windscreen)

o    Windshield washer motor

·         Window seal

Low voltage/auxiliary electrical system and electronics

Audio/video devices

·         Antenna assembly

o    Antenna cable

·         Radio and media player

·         Speaker

·         Tuner

·         Subwoofer

·         Video player


·         Backup camera

·         Dashcam

Low voltage electrical supply system

·         Alternator

·         Battery

o    Performance Battery

o    Battery Box

o    Battery Cable terminal

o    Battery Cable

o    Battery Control system

o    Battery Plate

o    Battery tray

o    Battery Cap

o    Sulphuric Acid (H2SO4)

o    Distilled Water

·         Voltage regulator

Gauges and meters

·         Ammeter

·         Clinometer

·         Dynamometer

·         Fuel gauge

·         Manometer

·         Hydrometer

·         Odometer (also called milometer or mileometers)

·         Speedometer

·         Tachometer (also called rev counters)

·         Temperature gauge

·         Tire pressure gauge

·         Vacuum gauge

·         Voltmeter

·         Water temperature meter

·         Oil pressure gauge

Ignition system

·         Sparking cable

·         Distributor

·         Distributor Cap

·         Electronic timing controller

·         Ignition box

·         Ignition coil

·         Ignition Coil Connector

·         Ignition coil parts

·         Ignition magneto

·         Spark plug

·         Glow Plug

Lighting and signaling system

Automotive lighting

·         Engine bay lighting

·         Fog light (also called foglamp)

·         Spotlight

·         Headlight (also called headlamp)

o    Headlight motor

·         Interior light and lamp

·         License plate lamp (also called number plate lamp or registration plate lamp)

·         Side lighting

·         Brake light

·         Tail light

o    Tail light cover

·         Indicator light

·         turn signal control, also called the turn signal lever, also called the "turn signal stalk", typically mounted on the steering shaft behind the steering wheel



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